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Case Study: Surveying School Drainage Systems in Basildon, Benfleet, Brentwood, Chelmsford, and Southend Areas

By Coody3 | June 9, 2023
School drainage survey

Unravelling a Drainage Mystery: A Case Study on School Drainage Systems

  • Introduction
  • The Approach: GPS Plotting for Precision
  • CCTV Drainage Surveys: A Closer Look at the Problem
  • Outcomes and Solutions
  • The Final Verdict: A Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Solution


School drainage survey

Our team had the difficult challenge of assessing a school’s drainage system in the an area local to the Chelmsford in Essex in a recent assignment. Our client, who was experiencing persistent drainage problems and was at their wits’ end trying to find a solution, approached us.

Their predicament? Their educational environment was being negatively impacted by persistent, disruptive drainage difficulties, and they urgently needed a thorough analysis and durable remedy.


Drainage Surveys


The Approach: GPS Plotting for Precision

Maintenance of drainage systems is one of the key services we do at AJS Environmental, particularly in the context of learning institutions where disruptions can seriously impair regular day-to-day operations. Getting an accurate map of the current drainage system was our biggest issue.

We used our cutting-edge GPS tools to map the school’s entire drainage system in order to do this. The degree of accuracy we attained? Astonishing precision down to 1 cm.

We were able to see the subsurface layout clearly because to the GPS mapping, which allowed us to identify any future or current structural problems. It also enabled us to identify regions that frequently experience leaks or obstructions.

With the help of this data, we were able to produce a thorough drainage survey that included a detailed report outlining our conclusions and suggested fixes.


Drainage surveys


CCTV Drainage Surveys: A Closer Look at the Problem

In addition to the GPS charting, we used CCTV Drainage Surveys to probe deeper into the issue. This required the use of a high-definition CCTV drainage camera, which gave us a better understanding of the inside state of the pipes and highlighted the precise locations of defects.

We can help whether you’re looking for a “school drain camera survey near me” as a request or wondering if there are CCTV drain surveys available in your area. All of Essex is covered by our services, and we are always prepared to handle your drainage issues with professionalism and accuracy.


Outcomes and Solutions

The thorough survey enabled us to pinpoint the drainage system’s most pressing problems and come up with workable remedies. Our meticulous documentation and accurate identification allowed the client gain a complete picture of the situation, from minor obstructions to significant structural problems.

We provided a number of repair methods to address the detected problems, including UV Drain Lining, a practical and non-disruptive way to fix broken pipes. More information about our UV drain lining services is available here.


The Final Verdict: A Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Solution

In conclusion, we were able to rapidly survey the school’s drainage system and offer solutions that minimised future interruptions by using modern technology like GPS plotting and CCTV drain scans. With the knowledge of our team, we were able to provide our client with a complete, cost-effective solution that would ultimately result in a more sustainable and productive educational environment.

Want to know how much a school drain survey will cost? Are you looking for commercial CCTV drain surveys, college drainage surveys, or both? Please get in touch with AJS Environmental. We’re dedicated to giving you top-notch assistance to support you in keeping a drainage system that is functional and efficient.

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