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Why You Need a Drain Cleaner

By Coody3 | September 18, 2019
DRain cleaning

Why You Need a Drain Cleaner

The responsibility of maintaining your sewers and drains within your home or property lies with you as the homeowner, as the sewerage company is only concerned with the lateral drains on the streets outside of property boundaries.

Therefore, you should take it upon you to ensure you clean your drain to prevent it from becoming a health hazard to the neighbours and the surrounding environment.

A drain is simply a pipe network or system that drains water and other water materials from a property building or buildings. A lateral drain transports wastewater from your property or home to a sewer.

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This drain is often located outside of your home or property boundary. You will often find it under a road or public pavement. It may also run under your home if the drain is shared with the neighbouring homes.

The main purpose of a sewer is to collect wastewater from neighbouring buildings and channel them away from such buildings.

Your water company will often be the owner of the sewers, although they can also be publicly or privately owned as well. However, some people may not have access to a sewer; therefore, a septic tank, cesspool or treatment plant may be used to serve the same purpose.

If you don’t have access to a sewer for whatever reason, you don’t have to pay any sewerage fees to the local sewerage company. However, you still have to clean the drain within your property to ensure there is no backup.


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Backups can present a serious health hazard to the surrounding environment, thereby exposing you, your family, and neighbours to serious health risks.

Wastewater is discharged to your drain daily when you wash dishes, which can have oil, grease, and various food particles that get washed down your drain. Similarly, taking a shower means that hair, shampoo, soap, dirt, and other debris get into the drain and go through your property’s plumbing network. If you do not clean out drains regularly, you are exposing your drain to risks of blockage. The build-up is bound to disrupt your home’s pipes and sewer lines.

Regular drain cleaning is associated with improved lifespan of the drain because it minimises the accumulation of dirt and debris that could cause drainage problems over time.

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Cleaning your drain also removes bad odour, as food particles that get trapped in the drain are removed. Using an effective drain cleaner can remove the foul smell coming from your drain and you can also experience faster drainage afterward. By reducing clogs in your drain, the wastewater can now flow faster.

In addition, you will be saving in the long run because you will avoid expensive repairs that may cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Therefore, it is advisable to always schedule regular drain cleaning. You may also clean your sinks and shower on a regular basis to minimise the chances of future drain problems that could wreak havoc on your property’s sewerage network, although it is advisable to hire a professional drain cleaner to do the work for you.

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