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Drain Inspection Services: Your Ultimate Guide

By Coody3 | June 29, 2023
Drain inspection services

Navigating Your Way Through Drainage System Health

Drainage systems may look and sound unimportant but when they need to do their job and can’t all of a sudden we appreciate the job they do. Ome would say they are the unsung heroes of every home and business as they offer a service that is related to the health of every person. This is why there is a need for top-quality inspection services but where do we look for them, in your area and you are probably asking “is there a drain inspection service near me?”


Blocked Drains Fixed Today

If a drain is blocked it’s all systems go to get it unblocked! – there’s nothing quite so stressful as a blocked drain.

They can, if left untreated, lead to a whole host of issues such as foul odours, flooding and worst, waste backup.  . . Ewww! We specialise at AJs Environmental, quickly finding the blockage through our drain inspection protocol which uses cutting-edge technology and we make the blocked drain a thing of the past very quickly.


Drain inspection services


Pre-Purchase Drain Surveys

Drains are something which comes as part of a home or business property purchase and it’s a great idea to know their condition. Our pre-purchase drain surveys offer buyers an in-depth analysis of any drainage system which gives you the edge before making that final leap to purchase the asset. The benefits of such a survey can easily future-proof you from costly repairs and things which may come to light in the future

The Cost of Drain and Sewer Inspections

When it comes to CCTV sewer inspection costs and drain inspection costs many things need to be taken into account, there is:

  • Complexity of the drainage system
  • Location of the property
  • Size of the drainage system
  • level of expertise needed
  • Equipment needed

For example, a CCTV system is more than likely going to be used if you cannot visually see the problem. The costs can be from a few hundred to a few thousand, I hope you can see that because there are many things to be considered. If you are still unsure just call the guys on Tel 01268 512273.

You have to realise that these inspections could save you a huge amount of money and that by finding the issues out early on you are so far ahead to being ahead of the issue should it ever arise. There is another detailed guide on what influences these costs and how to budget for them Click Here.

Drain inspection services

Drain Checks

Routine drain checks make for another way to get ahead of the curve. Thereis nothing more comforting than finding any drainage issue before it turns into a disaster. Take a look at our FAQs to better understand why regular drain checks.

Sewer Video and CCTV Drain Inspection

Sewer video inspection and CCTV drain inspection are state of the art services that allow for a precise and accuarate assessment of any drainage system. With these technologies, problem areas arefound very fast as they are seen on screen  and not only that they can be even remedied should it be needed without digging, quickly and accurately., ensuring a targeted response to the issues. Get a more detailed look of this and how these inspections work by visiting our page on AJS Environmental Drainage Surveys info page



Drainage surveys



From getting your blocked drains fixed today to making sure the integrity of your property with pre-purchase drain surveys, AJS Environmental is your go-to service provider in Essex covering Chelmsford, Braintree, Witham, and Colchester. Don’t compromise on your property’s health and safety – choose the best drain inspection services today.

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Need Our Commercial Only Service?

If you have a business and need a specific service in relation to this, know that we can offer a bespoke service for your facility or as part of yours and any commercial enterprise.

Other Services

CCTV Drain Surveys
CCTV Drain surveys

We are drain survey experts too and use CCTV to locate all kinds of drainage issues.

Drain Pipe Lining
On Site drain pipe lining

Drain pipe lining prolongs the life of existing drainage systems - Talk to us about this.

High Pressure Jetting
High pressure jetting

High powered high pressure jetting is another popular service we provide.

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