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Drain Lining Services

By Coody3 | February 3, 2022
Drain lining services

Why Choose Drain Lining Over Other Conventional Drain Repair Methods

Drain lining services can come in handy when you need your drain fixed. Drain lining is an inexpensive way of repairing damaged drain pipes.

As a relatively new concept in the plumbing industry, particularly the drainage niche, drain lining and relining continue to gain popularity and the concept provides a hassle-free, effective, and inexpensive solution for a wide range of drainage issues.

This is because excavation or digging up the soil and opening up the earth or ground to repair a ruptured pipe is an expensive and obsolete way to repair damaged drain pipes. Modern drain lining solutions are not only innovative but also allow tasks to be completed fast, efficiently, and hassle-free.

The latest technological advancement in drain lining has made drain maintenance easy and tasks that were seemingly cumbersome to complete can now be accomplished must faster and with minimum effort, whether domestic, industrial, or commercial.


Drain lining services


How does drain lining work?

This is a non-invasive technique used to repair drain pipes.

This method allows drain repair contractors to line the inside of your drain pipes with a re-enforcement such as a polymer lining, which sticks to the inside of the drain pipe.

Then, the internal side of the pipe is jet washed before a robotic camera is lowered down to inspect the magnitude of the damage.

Once the damage has been assessed, the liner is then gently fed into the drain pipe. An airbag within the liner is then inflated once the liner is fitted into place to fill the diameter of the pipe.

Over time, the liner cures and hardens to create a second pipe inside of the external pipe, thus creating the reinforcement needed to provide durability and reliability.

The airbag filling the liner can then be deflated and removed so that the liner remains firmly fitted into place.

The camera is then fed through the drain to allow for inspection.

This allows the drain pipe to be checked for fitness of purpose and use. While this process might sound complicated, it is actually simple in practice.

It is much simpler than digging up or excavating the earth’s surface to gain access to the underground and fix the damaged drain pipe.


Robotic lateral cutting



Some of the causes of drain damage you should be aware of include wear and tear, which cause the drain pipes to deteriorate over time.

This can be fixed by simple drain relining methods.

On the other hand, tree root problems can start when a large tree in your backyard spreads its roots to reach the drain pipe underneath, thereby causing the pipe to crack and resulting in leakage.

Frozen water during winter can result in burst pipes. So, drain lining is a great way to fix burst pipes caused by frozen water inside the pipes.



Drainage surveys



Therefore, if you are experiencing problems with your drain pipes, you need a professional plumber to employ some of the least invasive methods to repair the drain.

Drain lining services allow homeowners to have their drains repaired inexpensively and without causing much damage to the earth’s surface.

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