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Drain Lining

By Coody3 | August 24, 2019
Drain lining

Drain Pipe Lining

Drain lining applies a practical, no-mess approach to repairing burst pipes and cracked drains.  

Drainage problems and burst water pipes can create a mess in an entire area. Initially, such problems required that you dig up the whole area to replace the broken pipes.

However, such a technique has become a thing of the past and professional plumbers no longer have to make the whole area messy just to repair a drainage problem. ‘No dig’ techniques have enabled the repairing of drains without creating holes and trenches in the ground.

Drain lining or relining entails inserting a chemically-soaked liner into the cracked or defective pipe and curing it in place to develop a formed, watertight drain without having to evacuate the ground and exposing the drainage system underground.


drain pipe lining


The major advantage of drain lining is that it is a mess-free approach to drain repairs and also less intrusive. It both cheaper than the typical evacuation and can be completed much faster. Replacing the drain is often performed as the last option or where repairing the drain has failed or may not yield the desired results.

The non-intrusive method of clearing clogged drains has often been preferred to the traditional evacuation method because of various reasons. It is faster to perform and does not leave a mess behind. Besides, it is also cost-effective.

However, if you are not familiar with the process, it is advisable to leave it to professional plumbers who are well-conversant with the process and can perform it correctly.

Why Drain Linings?

  • You don’t have to conduct unnecessary and costly evacuation of surfaces
  • Helps to restore business operations without minimum downtime and disruption
  • Easily negotiates bends for free fluid flow
  • Provides a continuous section for free fluid flow
  • Applicable to several different types of pipe material, thereby enabling easy renovations
  • No tree root infestation

Drains and external pipes can be damaged by various elements and pose a health hazard to human beings and the surrounding environment.

Therefore, rather than opting to replace the entire pipe by digging trenches and incurring all the costs associated with the process, you could talk to your drainage professional who may advise you to carry out a drain relining process to repair the drainage network without causing a mess.

The process may require the construction of a new pipe or pipework within an existing one. It can also be both underground and above ground.


Drain pipe lining preparation

Making Use Of CCTV Cameras

A CCTV camera survey may also be required to inspect the drainage system and ascertain whether a section of it has been damaged.

When a plumber suspects or spots a problem along the drainage system as shown by the camera, he or she will determine the most viable solution that would require the least amount of resources and time.


Robotic lateral cutting


Therefore, whether you want to carry out drain lining in your London, Kent, Heathrow, or Essex home, you should find a professional plumber or plumbing company to help you accomplish the task without creating a mess. The process will also be carried out faster and in the most cost-effective manner.

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