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Understanding Drain Pipe Lining

This innovative, no-dig technology, known as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining, allows us to repair damaged pipework, drains, and sewers without resorting to the disruptive and costly process of digging and any other kind of excavation.

This is a good solution for repairing issues such as cracks, leaking joints, or damage from roots. It stands out as a highly effective, convenient, and cost-efficient alternative to traditional repair methods.

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How Does Lining A Drain Work?

The process begins with a comprehensive CCTV survey to assess the damaged pipework and find the sections that need lining.

The lining procedure involves installing a new liner within the existing pipe. This 'pipe within a pipe' method, once the resin has cured, effectively rehabilitates the drain without the need for digging up roads and pavements. The technique is versatile, suitable for pipes ranging from 75mm in diameter up to 1500mm culverts.

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