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Precision in Drainage Mapping: A Case Study by AJS Environmental

By Coody3 | July 4, 2024
Case Study-Jetting used for part of a solution

Efficiency Through Advanced Drainage Mapping Techniques

In the complex world of drainage maintenance, accurately locating and mapping drainage systems is important for effective management and future planning. AJS Environmental was commissioned to undertake a process of finding and plotting drainage outfalls using advanced technological methods.

Project Overview

Our latest project involved a well-planned approach to pinpointing and documenting the outfall points of several major drainage chambers.

This case study highlights our systematic process and the cutting-edge technology used to achieve precise results.


  • Complexity of Existing Drainage Networks: The existing pipework had years of silt build-up, which complicated the mapping process.
  • Accuracy Requirements: The need for precise GPS positioning to ensure the data could be effectively used for future reference and maintenance planning.


Case Study-Jetting used for part of a solution


Process and Techniques Employed

High-Pressure Water Jetting

Our comprehensive approach’s first step involved high-pressure water jetting to clear away the accumulated silt and debris.

This process makes sure that the pipework is clean, allowing for a more accurate assessment and easier access for the subsequent steps.

CCTV Survey and Sonde Techniques

Following the cleaning, our team conducted a detailed CCTV survey.

This was coupled with sonde and tracing techniques to provide a live feedback mechanism and trace the layout of the underground drainage system.

GPS Positioning

The final step involved the use of high-precision GPS to plot the drainage system’s details onto an OS tile.

This modern technique ensures that every detail is captured accurately, providing our clients and their stakeholders with reliable data for ongoing and future infrastructure planning.


Case Study-Jetting used for part of a solution



The integration of these techniques created highly accurate data regarding the drainage system’s layout and condition. Our team successfully mapped the outfalls, providing the client with detailed, actionable information that will assist in the system’s maintenance and future development planning.


AJS Environmental continues to lead in providing innovative solutions for environmental and infrastructure challenges. This project not only demonstrates our capability in handling complex drainage mapping tasks but also our commitment to delivering precision and quality in every job.

Key Takeaways

  • Innovative Use of Technology: High-pressure water jetting, CCTV surveys, and GPS mapping are essential for accurate drainage system analysis.
  • Enhanced Planning and Maintenance: Accurate data collection allows for better infrastructure management and preemptive maintenance planning.


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