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Manhole Sealing Services: Inspection, Infiltration and Repair

By Coody3 | June 16, 2023
Manhole infiltration

Manholes: Yes a Man in a Hole: We Can Inflitrate

The underground system of pipes that keeps the water running is one of the most underappreciated components of the health of your property, whether you are running a business or an avid homeowner. Despite being underground and out of sight, this maze of pathways should not be brushed aside. The importance of the manhole, in particular, is frequently overlooked until a problem develops. Today, we want to raise awareness of a lesser-known but incredibly important service called manhole sealing.

At AJS Environmental, we are experts in a wide variety of services, including manhole inspections and sealing as well as drainage repairs, equipment, and accessories. Our professional team works around the clock to offer London, Kent, Essex, and other areas top-notch services.

Manhole Inspections

Regular manhole inspections are the first line of defence in preserving the health of any sewer system. In this process, the state of the manhole is examined in order to find any potential problems, such as cracks or leaks, that might later result in more serious ones


Manhole infiltration


Manhole Repair and Sealing

If any problems are found after the inspection, we move on to the next step, which is manhole sealing and repair. Depending on the severity of the damage, our manhole repair services range from modest adjustments to extensive overhauls.

We offer manhole sealing services to stop any leaks or penetration that would be undesirable. To provide the most protection against groundwater penetration, we use a double-seal manhole system. This aids in maintaining the system’s structural integrity and stops any foul odours from escaping


Manhole infiltration


Manhole Infiltration and Chimney

The ‘manhole chimney,’ the highest component of the manhole structure, is especially prone to infiltration, by the way infiltration simply refers to the process by which water on the ground enters the sewage system through defects, cracks, or openings. Manhole infiltration happens when the sewage system is compromised by such in the manhole structure.

Specialised manhole chimney seal services are offered by our experts at AJS Environmental. By sealing the manhole chimney, you may extend the life of your drainage system by preventing future water intrusion.


Drainage Surveys


Manhole & Tank Sealing, Water Infiltration, and Leak Repairs

The issue can occasionally go beyond the manhole. Our Manhole & Tank Sealing services become useful in this situation. With this, we can stop water from penetrating not only manholes but also other buildings like tanks.

It’s essential that you act quickly if water somehow manages to get into your manhole or sewer system. Our services for Manhole Water Infiltration starting with a survey and Manhole Leak Repairs are created to swiftly locate and fix any leaks, minimising any potential damage to your property.


Drainage surveys


In the drainage industry, prevention is always preferred to treatment. Your manholes can stay in excellent condition with routine inspections, prompt repairs, and good sealing. You can be guaranteed to receive excellent, round-the-clock service that is tailored to your unique needs when working with professionals like AJS Environmental.

Keep in mind that a healthy property has a good drainage system. Therefore, don’t ignore your manholes and let us take care of them instead.

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If you have a business and need a specific service in relation to this, know that we can offer a bespoke service for your facility or as part of yours and any commercial enterprise.

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