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Pipe Work Descaling

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Pipe work descaling

"Understanding Our Pipe Work Descaling Service"

Pipe scaling, characterised by the accumulation of calcium, magnesium, and rust inside pipes, poses a challenge to plumbing systems.

At AJS, we recognise the importance of removing excessive scale buildup to prevent the potential for multiple blockages over time. Scale, particularly from hard water, can significantly reduce the internal diameter of pipework, leading to reduced flow and efficiency.

Given the difficulty in cleaning limescale, we have invested in the latest, minimally invasive mechanical pipework descaling machines. This advanced technology allows us to effectively restore your pipes to optimal condition without the need for extensive and disruptive methods.

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Choose Our Professional Pipe Work Descaling

When it comes to cleaning pipes within buildings, standard methods like high pressure water jetting may not always be suitable due to the difficulty in controlling water and preventing potential damage.

That's why we recommend a mechanical approach as the first step. Our high powered descaling machines are designed to efficiently clear pipe work, making sure it's ready for further cleaning without risking damage to your property.

Once our engineers have restored your pipes, they continuew with high pressure water jetting to eliminate any remaining sediment, ensuring a thorough clean.

Upon completion, we provide a comprehensive CCTV Drainage survey report, detailing the condition of your newly restored pipework, giving you peace of mind and transparency about the work carried out.

Pipework descaling services Essex
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Need Our Commercial Only Service?

If you have a business and need a specific service in relation to this, know that we can offer a bespoke service for your facility or as part of yours and any commercial enterprise.

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