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Pipe Work Descaling

Pipe work descaling

"Understanding Our Pipe Work Descaling Service"

Pipe scaling is the build up of calcium, magnesium and even rust on the inside of pipes.

At AJS we know it's a good idea to have the pipes removed from excessive scale build up because it's possible that over time scale can build up causing multiple blockages.

Also leaving limescale behind when the hard water evaporates can cause major issues reducing the internal diameter of your pipework.

Limescale can be very hard to clean which is why we invested in the latest and less intrusive mechanical pipe work descaling machines.

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Pipework descaling services Essex

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Standard drain cleaning methods such as high pressure water jetting will not work, when inside a building as it can be a lot more hard to control the water to avoid any damage.

This is why we advise a mechanical method to reopen up the pipe work using a high powered descaling machine before any jetting works are carried out.

After our engineers are satisfied they have restored the pipe to good working order, they will carry out high pressure water jetting to remove any sediment from the drainage system.

A CCTV Drainage survey report will be carried out and handed over to the client of the newly restored pipework.

Need Our Commercial Only Service?

If you have a business and need a specific service in relation to this, know that we can offer a bespoke service for your facility or as part of yours and any commercial enterprise.

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