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Robotic Lateral Cutting

Robotic lateral cutting

"Understanding Our Robotic Lateral Cutting Service"

AJS Environmental offer robotic lateral cutting using state of the art equipment again as it is a standard protocol.

Using a powerful cutter robot tool will allow us to open up connections into drainage liners effortlessly and to traverse pipework with ease.

This system will work in all kinds of environments from domestic sized drains to larger industrial sewers and even traversing bends up to 90 degrees is not an issue.


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Robotic lateral cutting

Our robotic lateral cutting service will enable us to do the following:-

  • Remove pipe debris
  • Create lateral openings
  • Cut through concrete
  • Cut through roots
  • . . and much more

Making lateral cuts in confined spaces can only be efficiently performed when the right tools are selected that's why this is an essential service moving forward.

Cut Through Concrete, Thick Roots & Other Debris

This tool is also perfect for removing unforeseen obstructions as the on-board camera will source them on route and in the confined space, it will simply stand up to the task thus saving time and money.

As mentioned above concrete, thick roots and other debris stand no chance.

The pipe diameters are also not a problem as there are variety of flexible components that can be implemented to solve any issue that is in need of this service. This is one of the many reasons we invested in the latest and less intrusive mechanical pipe work descaling machines available.

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