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Rodent Infestation Surveys

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Rodent infestation

Let Us Use Our Technology To Find Rats

Understanding Rodent Infestation Surveys

Struggling to pinpoint where rodents are infesting your property?

Rodents often seek refuge in sewers, drawn by the allure of food, warmth, and water, making these spaces ideal for them to inhabit and multiply.

Unfortunately, these unwelcome guests can navigate their way into homes and businesses, especially when the integrity of underground drains is compromised due to shifting, cracking, or breaking over time.

Such issues in the drainage system can provide rodents with direct access routes to your property, leading to potential infestations.

Spotting a single rodent often means the presence of many more close by. That's where our expertise becomes invaluable. Don't wait for the situation to escalate.

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How We Find The Root Problem Of Your Rodent Infestation.

Using the most advanced drainage surveying camera technology, we meticulously inspect the condition of your drainage system to find any signs of rodent activity within your drains.

Our on-site technical experts then their extensive knowledge and experience to find additional entry points, further assessing areas where rodent infestations may be occurring.

Rodent infestation
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We Have The Rodent Solution.

Upon completion of the survey, we provide a detailed CCTV Drainage report. This document not only highlights the problem areas but also forms the basis of our tailored strategy to effectively tackle and eliminate the rodent problem.

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