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Here at AJS Environmental we have a wide range of CCTV surveying equipment. Varying from push-rod systems to self driven crawler camera systems. Our CCTV vans come equipped with some of the latest equipment on the market to deliver you a high quality and detailed report. We use high definition, full colour camera systems so our engineer out in the field can identify, locate and pin point down significant defects to the drainage system. Our CCTV systems can carry out surveys on pipe work ranging in diameter from 50mm to 300mm, up to an astounding length of 500m from one single location.

Understanding Drain Pipe Lining

A no dig, cured in place pipe technology enables us to carry out repairs on your damaged pipe work, drains and sewers without having to use the older method of excavation. Drain lining is a less disruptive method for carrying out repairs this is by far more convenient and cost effective than traditional methods.

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How Does Lining A Drain Work?

The process starts by carrying out a full CCTV survey of the damage pipe work to analyse the section that need to be lined. We then the install the liner into the drain this is essentially a pipe within a pipe once the resin has cured. This can be installed in pipes from 100mm in diameter to 1500mm culverts.

Drain Pipe Lining
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