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Professional CCTV Drain Survey

How Our Drainage Surveyors Provide CCTV Drain Survey To London & Essex

Here at AJS Environmental we have a wide range of high quality CCTV surveying equipment to allow us to provide a professional CCTV drain survey. Varying from push-rod systems to self driven crawler camera systems. Our CCTV vans come equipped with some of the latest equipment on the market to deliver you a high quality and detailed report. We use high definition, full colour camera systems so our engineer out in the field can identify, locate and pin point down significant defects to the drainage system. Our CCTV systems can carry out surveys on pipe work ranging in diameter from 50mm to 300mm, up to an astounding length of 500m from one single location. Our CCTV drainage surveys are available throughout the UK, though our drain surveyor team mostly cover London & Essex areas.

Understanding Different CCTV Drain Surveys
Pre-Adoption CCTV Drain Surveys

These types of surveys are usually requested by architects, builders, water authorities, developers and local authorities. These are usually carried out when in the processing of buying new land or property, this allows the ruling out of any underlying defects to the drainage system.

Home Buyer/Seller CCTV Drain Surveys

Most mortgage lenders now require you to have a CCTV drainage survey to be carried out, not only giving the mortgage lenders peace of mind of the structural integrity of the drainage system but also the new property owner. This type of survey can be important if its an older property, extensions or other types construction works have been carried out or refurbishment to the build and surrounding area has taken place.

Conditional & Connectivity CCTV Drain Surveys

Conditional and connectivity CCTV surveys provides you with the information of the internal condition of your drainage pipe work and sewer systems. Some of the regular defects found could be root damage, fractured pipe work, collapsed pipe work or early signs of blockages. By having a CCTV survey carried out we are able to determine the structural condition of your drainage system.

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Understanding Types Of Cameras Used

Our push-rod camera systems are designed to navigate smaller pipe work ranging from 50mm to 150mm. The camera is attached to a Kevlar cable this enables an operator to manually push the camera into the pipe work to carry out the survey. This camera can easily navigate bends helping to locate and identify defects in smaller pipe work. This system provides the same high level of reporting standard as a crawler camera system.

Crawler Camera System

Our Crawler camera system is used for longer and larger pipe sections. This Crawler camera unit camera system is supplied with 300m of cable an auto self-leveling high definition (HD) colour camera and 4-wheel drive. Suitable for pipe sizes from 150mm (6″) up to 1000mm (30″) in diameter. All camera systems produce WinCan surveys which are recorded and given to clients as a formal reports regarding the condition and structure of drainage networks surveyed.

CCTV Drain Surveying London & Essex
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