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Professional High Pressure Water Jetting

Here at AJS Environmental we have a wide range of CCTV surveying equipment. Varying from push-rod systems to self driven crawler camera systems. Our CCTV vans come equipped with some of the latest equipment on the market to deliver you a high quality and detailed report. We use high definition, full colour camera systems so our engineer out in the field can identify, locate and pin point down significant defects to the drainage system. Our CCTV systems can carry out surveys on pipe work ranging in diameter from 50mm to 300mm, up to an astounding length of 500m from one single location.

Understanding Our High Pressure Jetting Service

With many years experience you can trust the job will be carried out efficiently and effectively. Our High pressure jetting teams are highly trained and know how to complete the job in hand to satisfactory standards. These teams can be assisted by a camera crew to ensure all debris have been removed from the system allowing a visual of the pipe work to scan for any sections containing debris.

Our staff are available 24/7 for your drain blockage problem
AJS Environmental - High Pressure Water Jetting Services

High pressure water jetting Is used for various applications from unblocking your drain to removing build up of scale and fat to clearing debris and silt that collected in your pipework. Here at AJS no job is to far away that our hoses can not reach.

High Pressure Water Jetting Services:

Pipe Work Cleaning

Fat Removal

Silt Removal

Blockage Clearance

Pipe Work Descaling

Routine Maintenance Cleaning

High Pressure Jetting London

High Pressure Jetting
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We have a team of professional staff at hand ready for any enquiry you may have. We are also available 24/7 to be able to provide a efficient and fast call out service for homes and businesses. Book a call out for any of these services by using our enquiry form button.