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Sewer Inspections

By Coody3 | September 1, 2019
Sewer Iinspection

The Importance of Sewer Inspections

Many homeowners are not aware that they are responsible for the part of their sewer line that runs from the main sewer long  the street leading to their house.

This implies that any clog, blockage, infiltration, or any other significant backups in the sewer line should be the responsibility of the homeowner.

This makes it very important to have a reliable plumber who can perform regular repair and maintenance to help restore the drainage system to the way it was before the blockage.

Some of the sewer services your plumber may offer include sewer inspections, sewer line repair, and drain cleaning among others.

sewer inspection

A sewer inspection, in particular, is often recommended because of its ability to detect a number of plumbing issues including pipe corrosion; cracked, broken, or collapsed sewer lines; tree root infiltration; settling or shifting soil; weather changes that may include frozen ground; tree root infiltration; and deterioration caused by ageing and poor-quality materials.

All these can pose a health hazard to residents and the surrounding environment if not addressed in a timely manner. They may also lead to sewer line repairs and replacement. However, before deciding whether to repair or replace, you should consult a professional plumber to help you make that important decision.

Why Sewer Inspections?

A sewer scope inspection helps to examine the condition of your sewer line to establish whether the entire drainage system is functioning as desired or as it was designed to.

Sewer inspections form a standard component of house inspections these days, especially before buying a home.

Pre-purchase inspections help homeowners to establish whether the home they intend to buy meets certain standards. The typical scope inspection targets a single-family residence and could last an hour. The cost, however, may vary from one place to another. You may book a convenient date to have the inspection carried out by a qualified plumber.

sewer inspections


Whether you live in London, Essex, Canvey, or Benfleet, you can find a professional sewer technician to help you with the entire process before making that home-purchase decision. He or she may also help to identify some potential and existing problems within your home’s drainage system.

The process typically involves inserting a small video camera into the drainage system or sewer line via the cleanout, which may be found in the crawlspace or basement.

In some homes, this may be located outside where the drainage system lies within the home.


Robotic lateral cutting


Home inspectors can inspect your drain in within minutes is no obstructions or obstacles are encountered. They can also provide a report on the current condition of your home system, including the estimated life expectancy of various significant components.

Regardless, many homeowners would not close a home purchase without having a general inspection performed. Sewer inspection is especially important when buying older homes, but it may also be used to examine new buildings as well. Inspections act as insurance for identifying potential and existing issues within the sewer line or drainage system. Failing to perform such critical inspections could prove costly in the long run.

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