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Using UV Drain Pipe Lining in Essex & London

By Coody3 | June 27, 2022
Uv Lining Uses

Why Use UV Drain Lining in Essex and London

The plumbing system is one of the most important systems in a typical commercial, residential, and even industrial property.

The drainage system is a part of the plumbing system and its design can dictate its function.

However, no matter how well maintained the drainage system is, it can break down at any moment and when least expected.

A crack in your drainage system or burst pipes can compromise your system and pose a health risk to the surrounding environment, including the people in the immediate surroundings.

UV drain lining has grown in popularity in the recent past due to a number of key benefits associated with the method. Here’s why you should use UV drain lining to repair your drain in Essex and London.



Why Use UV Drain Lining

UV lining offers a range of benefits compared to other conventional cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) methods, including long-lasting repair benefits, sewer and pipe repair without the need for excavation, which can significantly damage the ground, and the relatively short period of time it takes to complete the repair project, unlike other conventional methods that can last several weeks.

Some of these benefits are explored further below:-



Robotic lateral cutting



Faster, Impressive Cure Rate

Perhaps this is one of the most attractive benefits of using UV drain lining because, compared to other more traditional CIPP methods, it is much faster and has an impressive cure rate of about a metre per minute.

If you are on a schedule and want to repair your drain as fast as possible, this method allows you to repair your drain faster and resume operations as soon as possible.




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Requires Less Equipment

A faster cure rate is not the only notable benefit of UV drain lining; it also requires less equipment to set up and takedown can be done quickly.

This makes it easier to use in busy locations such as beside roads, airports, railways, and other busy locations in the city. This is also important in sites with limited room for movement and manoeuvre.


Environmentally Safe

UV also offers environmental benefits, as the more traditional hot-cure technique generates styrene-contaminated water that has to be disposed of because it has become hazardous waste.

The UV lining method is environmentally safe and does not produce harmful by-products, making it not only safer for the environment but also cost-effective, thereby potentially reducing your overall costs.

So, if you want to fix cracked or burst pipes, you need to find a reliable engineer in Essex or London for your damaged drains and sewers, especially if they employ the UV lining technique to repair drains without having to excavate or dig up huge chunks of soil to replace sections of pipes that might be deeply buried in the soil.

Besides, the method offers a range of other benefits for you, the engineers themselves, and the environment at large. However, consult a professional engineer in Essex or London, depending on where you reside, to advise you on the best drain repair solution for your drainage problem.

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