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AJS Environmental's UV Drain Liner Revamps Ageing Clay Pipes

By Coody3 | June 1, 2023
UV drain liner fixes clay pipes

Extend the Lifespan of Your Aging Pipes with AJS Environmental’s UV Drain Liner

Executive Summary: AJS Environmental was tasked with extending the life of an old clay pipe system for a well-known local builder. The company’s strategy was to use their UV drain liner technology as it not only brought life to the old system but also added a minimum of 50 years of functionality to the existing pipes. This case study looks into the dilemma, the solution, and the exceptional outcomes of this operation.

About the Client: Our customer is a well-known local builder known for their outstanding work and commitment to the local community. The builder owns numerous renovated houses as well as new ones and was looking for a low-cost, long-term solution to rebuild an outdated clay pipe system in one of them.

UV drain liner fixes clay pipes


The Challenge: A builder was dealing with the issue of decaying clay pipes in one of their houses. There was an increased likelihood of major disruptions in the water and sewerage systems. Given the high costs and probable challenges associated with a total pipe replacement, the builder requested an alternative solution that would allow them to extend the life of their existing infrastructure.


UV drain liner fixes clay pipes


The Solution: AJS Environmental was brought in to provide that solution. We recommended installing our UV drain liner, which cures in place and develops a new pipe within the existing one, eliminating the need for digging. This technique is meant to fit smoothly into existing pipes, providing a strong, new pipeline while retaining the original structure’s integrity.


UV drain liner fixes clay pipes


The installation process was comprised of doing a thorough cleaning of the existing clay pipes before carefully inserting the UV liner. The liner was cured in place using the UV radiation specialised equipment, resulting in a strong, corrosion-resistant pipe within the present system of pipes. This method was non-disruptive, efficient, and cost-effective, completely satisfying the client’s needs.

The Results: The UV drain liner installation was a success, as evidenced by after-installation inspections. This method not only avoided a serious possibility of pipe breakdown, but also added at least 50 years to the pipe system’s life… and this was done all without digging

UV drain liner fixes clay pipes

The client, as said earlier, a well-known local builder, was pleased with the outcome. They valued the large savings in potential repairs and replacement costs, the reduced interruption, and the increased longevity of their pipe system, all of which contributed to the sustainability and dependability of their property’s infrastructure.

Conclusion: This project demonstrates AJS Environmental’s ability to address complicated infrastructure issues with creative solutions. We successfully prolonged the lifespan of the local builder’s clay pipes by installing UV drain liner technology, resulting in significant savings and no disruption.

If you stumble across similar difficulties with drainage infrastructure, don’t hesitate to contact AJS Environmental. Our skilled team is available to provide efficient, effective, and customised solutions.

Below is a table that estimates what savings you would get from a process like this over time  . .

Solution Initial Cost (£) Maintenance Cost (annual, £) Expected Lifespan Total Cost over 50 Years (£)
Pipe Replacement 2000 100 15 years 7000
UV Drain Liner 500 20 50 years 1500


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