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Ultra Violet Drain Pipe Lining

UV Drain pipe lining Essex and London

Understanding UV Drain Pipe Lining

UV drain lining is the next evolution in fixing drain pipes that ultimately saves money and time. It is a disruptive technology thats creates even more effectiveness for remedying broken pipes.

That's because it too is a no-dig cured in place, pipe technology which uses state of the art equipment to fix any pipe issue.

It is an advanced dig-less pipe solution that provides a durable, cost-effective alternative to traditional dig and replace methods of drain pipes or drainage installations.

It works by using layers of epoxy to create an inner lining with a powerful protection against corrosion and roots, which can easily crack or break through a traditional metal pipe.

The lasting power of the UV drain lining system can go up to 100 years or more, making it a great long-term solution for all sewers and drain pipes.

As it is also non-invasive, meaning it does not require extensive excavation work to install, a specialist can use this dig-less pipe solution to quickly fix choked drains without the hassle and cost associated with digging out existing pipelines.

Such dig-less installation processes save time, money, and provide great value on complex projects such as those required in establishments that need refurbishments or commercial facilities. Simply put here's no need to dig up old lines anymore!

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UV drain pipe lining essex and london
The Benefits Of UV Drain Pipe Lining

UV lining has some amazing benefits.

  • It can be installed at a faster rate than tradtional lining
  • It's low risk
  • It's styrene free
  • Prevents against limescale.
  • Life expectanacy of 100 years plus

AJS are the first to bring this technology to the UK through our Essex and London facility. It truly is a ground-breaking system.

If your pipes are leaking, have cracks or exhibiting wear and tear from age or even enironmental conditions you may well want to consider UV lining as a top-notch solution as having a system that can extend the life of pipes by more than 100 years is by far a good thing

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