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Case Study: Using UV Drain Lining Technology to Repair a Leaking Rainwater Pipe at a Local School

By Coody3 | September 4, 2023
School UV lining repair

A Seamless Solution: How We Fixed a School Kitchen’s Leaky Pipe with Minimal Disruption



A local school was facing a major problem . . It was a  leaking rainwater pipe in the kitchen. The leak was not only a nuisance but also posed a possible health risk in an environment where hygiene is a concern. In the past the fix would mean removing the boxing in the kitchen – a process both time-consuming and would mean some disruption to the school’s meal preparations and general kitchen operation.


school uv lining repair

The Challenge:

The school’s management was keen on finding a solution that was both time-efficient and durable. Removing the boxing to fix the leak would mean disruption to the kitchen’s daily operation, potentially affecting meal times and overall school activities.



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The Solution:

AJS Environmental, having an extensive background in advanced drainage solutions, proposed lining the leaky rainwater pipe and this is done by using state-of-the-art UV drain liner technology. This mans the the team could resolve the issue without the need to remove the boxing.

The process involved:

  1. Inspection: A detailed examination of the affected pipe to understand the severity of the leak and its exact location.
  2. Preparation: Cleaning the pipe thoroughly to create the best possible adhesion of the liner.
  3. Lining: Introducing a specially-designed liner into the pipe, which nce in place, the liner was cured, creating a tight seal that would prevent any future leaks.



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The Outcome:

The lining process was completed efficiently, without any disruption to the school’s daily routine. The kitchen actually remained operational, and the school did not have to adjust meal times or schedules.

Most importantly, the liner used by AJS Environmental is designed to last, in fact a life expectancy of a minimum of 50 plus years is what is expected now the work has been done. The school can rest assured that the issue of a leaking rainwater pipe in the kitchen is now complete and should expect no issues for the foreseeable future.


School UV lining repair



This case study exemplifies the advantages of modern drainage solutions and by choosing to line the leaking pipe instead of opting for more invasive procedures, the school saved both time and resources. The long life expectancy of the liner give the school peace of mind and demonstrates the value of investing in advanced, durable solutions.

For more information on such advanced drainage solutions, feel free to reach out to AJS Environmental, always at the forefront of innovation in drainage services.

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