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Case Study: UV Pipe Lining Approach for Surface Water Gully Line

By Coody3 | June 6, 2023
UV Pipe Lining Case Study

AJS Environmental’s Innovative UV Pipe Lining Approach for Surface Water Gully Line: A Case Study

Title: AJS Environmental’s Innovative UV Pipe Lining Approach for Surface Water Gully Line: A Case Study


An innovative strategy was recently taken by AJS Environmental, a major leader in the environmental services sector, to improve the performance of a 150mm surface water gully line. AJS used a UV pipe lining technology after seeing the necessity for effective and long-lasting solutions; this action has since caught the water board’s notice for possible application.


The renovation of a 150mm surface water gully line was the main focus of the project. Traditional techniques had shown to be less effective and environmentally friendly, so AJS Environmental looked for a solution that would not only last the test of time but also serve as a testament to their dedication to cutting-edge and sustainable practices. Due to this dedication, UV pipe lining, a cutting-edge, effective, and completely invisible pipe restoration technique, was adopted.


UV Pipe Lining Case Study



The 150mm surface water gully line was severely deteriorating before professional action was taken, this was mostly as a result of ageing infrastructure and regular use. This resulted in ineffective water flow, potential leaks, and harm to the environment. Also, a strong and long-lasting solution that would guarantee the line’s lifespan and effective operation was necessary given the possibility that the water board may adopt the line.


UV Pipe Lining Case Study



AJS Environmental used UV pipe lining, a no-dig technique that restores the integrity of the pipeline without the need for digging, to overcome these problems. This method inserts a liner into the existing pipe that has been impregnated with a specific resin. When the liner is put in place, it is exposed to UV light, which starts the curing process and creates a new pipe inside the old one.

The numerous advantages attributed to the UV pipe lining method led to its selection. When compared to conventional pipe repair techniques, it not only offers a cost-effective, long-lasting, and speedy solution, but it also greatly reduces interruption and potential damage to the community at large.


UV Pipe Lining Case Study



The 150mm surface water gully line’s functionality and durability significantly improved after it was modified. The pipeline was successfully strengthened by the UV pipe lining by Speedylite, allowing effective water flow and reducing the possibility of further leaks. On top of that, it increased the pipeline’s lifespan, demonstrating its effectiveness as a long-term, low-cost solution.

AJS Environmental’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly practices was further highlighted by the use of this novel strategy, further establishing their status as leaders in their field.


UV Pipe Lining Case Study


This project’s accomplishment establishes a positive example for upcoming infrastructure upgrades. The water board is thinking about using the UV pipe lining method in many other parts of the infrastructure since AJS Environmental has demonstrated how efficiency, sustainability, and innovation can all coexist. This case study provides evidence of AJS’s innovative methods and commitment to providing the greatest outcomes for its customers and the environment.


It is advised that other industry participants take UV drain lining techniques into consideration for their projects, especially in cases when using conventional methods would be disruptive or less effective. Additionally, it promotes the recognition and approval of such cutting-edge procedures by the water board and other regulatory organisations, encouraging a more inventive and sustainable future for pipeline restoration.

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