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A Case Study on Leak Tight Drain Lining by AJS Environmental

By Coody3 | April 23, 2024
Case Study Leak-Tight Draining

From Persistent Problems to Robust Resolution: AJS Environmental’s Drainage Expertise


When foul drainage smells persist, it’s a sign that something is amiss underground. This case study by AJS Environmental illustrates how expert intervention and innovative solutions like leak tight drain lining can resolve hidden drainage problems, proving to be a vital service for maintaining property hygiene and functionality.


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Case Study Leak-Tight Draining


The Persistent Problem

Despite reassurances from another drainage contractor, our client continued to face foul odours coming from their drainage system. Acknowledging the issue’s gravity, AJS Environmental was called in to investigate and deliver a solution that would address the root of the problem.

Uncovering the Issue

A professional CCTV drainage survey revealed the true state of the drains: a system clogged with scale and sediment, significantly reducing flow. This led to the system venting through an old manhole cover, which was no longer air-tight.

Tackling the Core Problems

Armed with insights from the survey, our team conducted a forced system de-scale using specialised mechanical equipment. This process uncovered structural cracks within the pipework, which likely contributed to a recent rise in dampness within the building.

Implementing the Solution

Finding where the problems were and where the issues were was only the first step. The proposed solution was a robust leak tight drain lining as opposed to other types of lining as this installation is designed to seal the cracks and restore the integrity of the drainage system, which will result in in no more foul smells and reduce the risk of damp-related damage.



Case Study Leak-Tight Draining



Results and Reflections

Post-installation, all previous persistent issues were completely resolved. This intervention by AJS Environmental showcases the effectiveness of a proactive and thorough approach to drainage maintenance and the significant benefits of leak-tight drain lining.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

AJS Environmental wants to highlight the importance of regular maintenance and timely interventions to prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems. Look at the following to make sure your pipes will always be on point.

  • Avoid harsh chemicals to preserve the integrity of the lining.
  • Make sure you have regular inspections to ensure the continued function of the drainage system.
  • Make sure proper waste disposal is used to maintain optimal flow.


AJS Environmental’s commitment to delivering effective, long-lasting solutions is evident in the success of this leak tight drain lining case study. This proactive approach not only removes immediate concerns but also serves as a preventative measure for future drainage health.

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